Friday, August 18, 2006

Don't let this opportunity pass you by

I know that it's hard when you are asked to help all over these days. But please don't let this one pass you by. This very special little boy and his family are in need of some help and the very generous Jody White is donating hours and hours plus more to make this special fundraiser work.

So if you can come along on the day - great. If you live too far away and can donate a prize - do it, if you are able to make a cash donation - fantastic. Not only will you have helped someone else but you you will in return have that warm glo that is just priceless. Every little bit counts.

Thanks everyone . . .


Thursday, August 17, 2006

Made my day

So here I am posting again - I've decided that I need to write more stuff down and don't know if this will be my main venue but it will do for now. Yesterday was at a friends house - this is a gal I've known off and on for about 12 years now. Anyway a little group of us girls were sitting around talking about babies and the like and she mentioned that 11 or so years ago when she had her first baby (Jalen) that she was at church with this fretful crying baby who she was sooo stressed out about and about to chuck out the window (ok us mums have all had that feeling haven't we?) and she said that I came up to her and took Jalen off her and told her to go sit down and have a break - now just let it be known that I will pinch anyone's babies anytime - just call me the baby whisperer (I have my mom's gift of getting those "won't sleep" babies off it a flash). But it was just so cool that she had that memory and shared it with me and that I had made a little difference to her that day. Ok so no. 2 great thing about yesterday was going to book club. I love my book club - it's a bunch of us Church ladies - young and old, my pears, my elders and all sorts. We get together ever 3 weeks and discuss a new book. Last night kept trying to make an escape as I had Memory Trends Product designs waiting for me, but the stories and the laughs and the tears kept coming. We are all so different but I just love them all. The book ususally gets around an hours discussion and then we are full on into everything else - last night reminded me of that scene in Jerry McGuire with the single bitter womens support group sitting in the lounge - only diff is we are not bitter and most of us are happily married.

OK last thing for today - so Monday in afterschool running around get to places caos I locked my keys inside the house - we had 10 mins to get Sage from the bus and 20 odd minutes to get Taylor to his Chess Connections programme. So money is tight and I did not want to break a window and Brad is nearly 2 hours drive away - what's a girl to do. Well I improvised didn't I - in steps Crazy Mom. I got the ladder from the Garage - dragged it out the back of the house - made it go as tall as possible and climbed onto the roof - Tay and Abby held the ladder for me (their own idea:). So I scramble over the roof in my pale pink leather slip on's to a spot I know is roughly above the laundry. The kids have now climbed the back fence to watch crazy mum in action. Took forever to leaver up a couple of unattached roof tiles - it was tough and dirty and I nearly gave up a few times. At last I had two clear - chucked my shoes off the roof at the kids and slid into the roof cavity - located the man hole - leavered it up and tarzaned down into the laundry onto the cupboard next to the drier - onto the drier and then the washer. Safe and "IN" yeah!!!! - Taylor had the nerve to suggest that I just leave the roof tiles off incase I need to do it again. He knows his mother too well LOL!

Ok - may your news be good news and your keys safely in your pocket . . .


Monday, August 14, 2006

Getting over the hump

The hump that is winter and winter ills. Seems like this last year of stress and trouble has effected the whole family health wise. We've been ill and then ill some more and then ill some more. Spent all Friday night in Frankston ER with Abigail - talk about hell on earth. Definately not the place to be with a 7 year old babe. She is on the mend but gave us a good scare with a touch of Pneumonia - poor little thing was so brave but the pain got soo much she told me she couldn't take it any more - whats a mother to do but pray and comfort.

OK - so have been home heaps cause of all this - have barely ventured out the house so have got a little scrapping done - have been plugging away at a little special project that is in the making - well actually it is HUGE AND EXCITING and I'm loving getting my hands dirty again.

I'm also trying to set up a new blog - had enough of blogger - I'm blogger challenged so stay tuned for that.

Some pages from FK - a couple here that I just loved doing - they just felt right and still do. OK so I only have 2 scanned and can't be bothered with the 3rd right now :)

May your news be good news . . .

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Have done everything else on the PC today but write in my own blog :)

OK - so my girls are sick and so is my darling husband but the poor man is soldiering on at work. Have had my girls home all day today, took Abby to the Doctors and Sage just veged. They took care of themselves for most of the time and I just kept the juice and the tissue and the meds. coming as needed. I said to another Mum of a 12 year old yesterday that you raise these babies to be so independent and then when they really want to do something on their own you have to darn well let them because that's what you were aiming for. Well it sucks and I should have done it all differently. How stupid was I to raise this ultra talented, ultra intelligent and ultra responsible child. (just have to keep chanting to myself - let go Deb, let go Deb).

Anyway here is my understudy and her protigee cooking up a mess of cookies. Fun simple page - hope you like it.

Ohhh got some new shoes this week that are so comfy and so cute I can't stop wearing them. Red leather with a little cut out flower attached. Still on the hunt for my long wished for knee high red leather boots . . . the hunt continues!


Thursday, July 13, 2006


Yay - new stuff to show you. These are up at the Imagination Project site together with their little accessories. But here are the papers - I'm super excited about these - aren't they sweet!!! Can't wait to have them in my hot little hands.

Ohhh - the Hearts up the top are for my darl Evana - who is about to PoP any minute. Cant' wait for the good news about another little Willis. Super clucky me . . .


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

any title would have to contain an excuse or apology

Hi to all, or have people given up on checking my blog to see if I'm around. In any case I am and have been doing well. I have big news that I've been sitting on for a little while and it's time it hit the streets.

My big news is that after 11 years of hard work and agony for all and $ . . . (insert nighmareishly large financial sum here) my darling husband has landed a job with Qantas the biggest carrier in the country. It is not his dream job - but it is a big big step in the direction of said dream job and will fill his days will all things aviation and fill our cheque account up to a manageable level we hope. We have had so much support from friends and family and from above over the past 9 months that I can't begin to express it. The pieces have all just fallen into place perfectly.

Well the only slightly scary part of all this is that we have to say goodbye to Melbourne. We will be Sydney siders come the new year. We have a home to sell a new one to find, I have to start checking out schools and suburbs and think about moving this whole show that is the Fuller family to a whole new locality. To be honest I've been trying not to think about it too much cause I am a little daunted to say the least.

I might just have to cry out for help some time soon when I come out of my denial bubble :)

But until then "its all good" is my mantra.

may your news be good news

Monday, May 08, 2006

Very happy

Well I am very happy to have April over and done with. I knew it was going to be a killer before it even started and to see the end of it and to have managed most of it was a real blessing. Had a fun mini-convention day at in Mornington. Eighteen lovely ladies in attendance and Daph and Ange helping with the teaching it was a fun day! The week before was a hectic one at church had to speak twice and then feed 300 odd people for lunch - blessings of being RS Pres. So good bye April and a big hello to May - cause it is looking slightly better calendar wise :)

For those curious folk - I did finish my 21 day challenge I just haven't posted my pages yet. I decided that the next round wasn't for me and my time line but I am going to finish off the last few pages in my book with Rhonna's inspirational words of the week - just a perfect way to keep me in the loop.

OK - some FK pages. Think I can post these up now. The first one is my Grandmother Gladys Rosalie with her Dad and the second is from a little while ago. My Dad Denys and his twin brother Deryl. I just love old family pics - they are always my favourite to scrapbook, I have actually already really filled an album full. I need new albums . . .

Till then - may your news be good news